CURRENT EVENTS worth sharing:

BLACKTOP HIGHWAY, a gothic horror screenplay’d on one man’s body  premiered at REDCAT / LA in 2015 and made a huge splash in NYC the following year @ Dixon Place receiving rave reviews and Critic’s Pick in the NY Times which described the show as ‘delightfully deranged’.  Blacktop Highway hits the asphalt for a wild 5 week ride @ the Odyssey Theater opening November 9, 2018.

#3. Feel free to inquire regarding Fleck’s PERFORMANCE / CREATIVITY WORKSHOP starting in Feb, 2019.  Over a 4 week period I will invite an intimate group of  eclectic creative types (writers-actors-performance artists-dancers-musicians-gypsies) to join me in my Los Feliz studio to  recharge,  refresh, regenerate, rejuvenate, repair, restore, renew and revive our creative spirits with the ultimate goal of creating 3-5 minute new pieces and / or breathing new life into older pieces. 

Intention: ‘Activity with no clear intention is little more than a waste of time and energy. Yet when you give direction to your efforts,they result in true achievement.’ —Martha Graham

Intention for this 4 week workshop:

• to access the subconscious as source and tool for actualizing new work

• to open our voices, literally and figuratively

• to allow authentic expression and authentic response

Utilizing various sound & movement, acting, performance and improvisational text writing techniques, the intention over this 4 week period is to provide the space to sow creative seeds and perhaps harvest original 5 to 10 minute Solo or Ensemble Performance Pieces (and/or) continue working on previous works in progress. Each piece will be taped (upon request) and a DVD made available.