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NEW YORK TIMES, 2016 – “Critics Pick” 

Yet “Blacktop Highway” is at its intoxicating best when it’s simplest, depending on little more than Mr. Fleck’s rapid-fire ingenuity as a live performer. In the room with him, our imaginations can fill in the blanks.” (Full Review)


It’s chaos, but controlled chaos, kept together (just barely) by Fleck’s consummate talent and perhaps, counterintuitively, his discipline. Most surprising, given its depiction of characters who surely belong in a damaged people Hall of Fame, is how funny BLACKTOP HIGHWAY is even in its darkest, goriest stretches.”  (Full Review)


Fleck‘s brilliance as a performance artist shines in Blacktop Highway, largely due to the aesthetic between complex performance theory and high camp. The audience is complicit in the story, and the lens of critique is turned on the viewer as much as the performer. Through the laughter, the intrigue, and the eeriness, the sense of community and collaboration rings through. The experience is a communal one, and the audience bonds through the grotesque humor onstage. Though based on horror concepts, Blacktop Highway delivers more thrills than chills.”